Logo Final Violeta Milk.
Leches Vegetales Violeta
(Violeta's Veggie Milk)

Crafting a Distinct Identity: Veggie Milk from Southern Chile

Welcome to the world of branding and label design, where innovation meets nature to introduce you to a unique veggie milk from the pristine landscapes of southern Chile.
Our creative journey began with the development of a captivating logo, a symbol that would encapsulate the essence of this exceptional product. After meticulous consideration and collaboration with the client, we presented three distinctive logo options. The final choice, the third option, resonated the most, and it became the face of this remarkable veggie milk brand.

In the pursuit of clarity and functionality, we made a strategic decision. By aligning the text to the right, we deliberately broke the center of the design. This seemingly simple alteration was made with a purpose: to provide an unobstructed and powerful reading experience, ensuring that the ingredients of each milk are spotlighted for our consumers.
At the heart of this design is a commitment to delivering a clear, harmonious, and memorable connection between the consumer and the goodness of southern Chile encapsulated in every drop of our veggie milk.
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