Künga Snak.
The Owner of this Company's Dilemma

At the heart of this company's concerns lay a pressing issue: the need to compete with artificial snacks in school environments. The challenge was clear - to devise a solution that would transform their natural, simple product into an item that could effortlessly hold its own in the same graphic universe as the vibrant and playful world of artificial snacks.

Our task was to breathe life into this product, imbuing it with a sense of playfulness and a burst of color, ensuring it could seamlessly align with the dynamic, visually captivating landscape of its competitors. The aim was to redefine it as a fun, accessible, and exciting choice for school-goers.

In our pursuit of this transformation, we embarked on a creative journey, shaping not only the product but also its perception in the market. The result was a product that could finally hold its own in the school snacking world - a delightful and enticing alternative that not only appeals to the taste buds but also to the eyes and imaginations of its target audience.
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